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Dog Boarding and Training Program

What An Obedient Dog! offers a successful dog boarding and training program that takes place at our facility in Carrollton. Let us do all the hard work for you! You will bring home a calm, obedient dog after our 2-week dog boarding and training program is complete! When you pick up your dog at our facility, please plan to stay about an hour for your follow-up training session where we coach you on everything we taught him. All dogs must be 4 months or older with updated shot records (including rabies) to be eligible for the program. Please fill out the form below for reservations.


The program includes all the basics: sit, release, watch me, down, come, stay with distance, stay with duration, leave it, drop it, wait and take it, walk nicely on a leash without pulling, and any other behavior issues as requested. Our training is all positive dog training methods. We will train your dog with hand signals and body language, which is the way dogs communicate. We DO NOT use punitive methods such as choke chains, prong collars, or shock collars. All of these methods make your dog fearful of you and break any bond that was already established. Dogs don't learn through pain, force or dominance. We praise and reward good behavior, and correct and redirect behavior we don't like (tell them what to do instead).


The cost for 2-week dog boarding and training is $95 a day, so 2 weeks is $1,330. This includes 2 follow-up training sessions, one of which takes place when you pick up your dog at the end of the program. The other session is at your home after you promise to put into practice all we have taught your pup. It's the only way it will stick. Your dog needs ongoing training and exercise to keep him stimulated and calm.


If you choose to purchase the initial 2-week dog and training program and the 1-week REFRESHER program, the cost is discounted to $90 a day, so 3 weeks is $1,890. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED so we can add working on the distractions of being outside and visiting public places (Home Depot, pet stores, etc.) on the third week of training.


Our 1-week REFRESHER dog boarding and training program is for dogs that have graduated from the initial 2-week dog boarding and training program, and need a structured REFRESHER to review all the basics that were taught him. Because the foundation of the basics has been taught rigorously, we can now work on the distractions of being outside and visiting public places. The cost is $95 a day, so 1 week is $665, which includes a follow-up session when you pick your pup up. A second follow-up session is available at no charge if requested.

*We recommend the REFRESHER takes place within one month of the initial 2-week dog boarding and training program.


We have a 1-week Middle School dog boarding and training option for dogs who have graduated the initial 2-week board and training program, or who have graduated any of our obedience classes. The cost is $95 a day, so 1 week is $665, which includes a follow-up session that takes place when you pick up your dog at the end of the program. A second follow-up session is available at no charge if requested.


Dog Boarding (without training)

What An Obedient Dog! offers boarding only for dogs who are in our obedience classes, in private training, or plan to take our training. We practice all the commands throughout the day. Since we are dog trainers, we do not encourage jumping and will work with your dog. There's playtime with other dogs with the same temperaments, including several potty breaks and walks throughout the day. We are different as we are personal and spend individual time with your dog. Our hours are Mon-Fri: 7:00am to 9:00pm and Sat & Sun: 9:00am to 9:00pm, so you don't have to pay for an extra night if your flight gets in late. Please note we do not accept aggressive dogs! The cost is $35 a night and $20 a half day. On major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day), $5 is added. Please fill out the reservation form under the DAYCARE & BOARDING menu and choose "BOARDING ONLY" under "what days would you like regular daycare". The holidays fill up fast!


Dog Boarding and Training Registration

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Thank you for contacting What An Obedient Dog! We will contact you via email within 48 hours (not including weekends). We look forward to meeting you and your dog.

Canine Good Citizens

How Do Dogs Learn?

Dogs learn by conditioned reinforcement with the association of something pleasant! Positive dog training creates a bond between people and pets! Dogs do not understand English! They learn and communicate through body language (other puppies, adult dogs and human body language), smells, sounds and sight. We can teach them words or phrases and associate it to what they understand with hand signals or noise signals. In other words, the best way to communicate with your dog is to learn his language and his culture.

If you discipline your dog as you would a child, by yelling and carrying on a conversation, he will have no idea what you are saying because English is a foreign language to dogs. All he knows is you are highly stimulated because dogs read our emotions. 

When someone uses aversive corrections on dogs, which includes yanking choke chains, prong collars and using shock collars, it causes pain, fear and emotional distress. In turn, your dog will fear you and become suspicious of things around him. You will always have to use these methods the rest of his life because dogs do not learn through pain. Any bond or trust you already developed with your dog would be broken. They don't tell you that at places where they use shock collars and prong collars to train dogs.

Let's start with Sit

Teaching "Leave it"

"Wait" until I say, "Take it"

Stay w/ distance & duration

Extra Credit - Wave

Play Dead after Training

The End - Take a Bow